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INNVENTIA, the former STFI-PACKFORSK, is one of the world’s leading R&D companies in the fields of pulp, paper, biorefinery, graphic media, packaging and logistics. The activities range from basic research to direct assignments along three value chains: packaging, graphic media and bio-based energy and chemicals. The combined competence, from material science to consumer value, is utilised to find solutions applicable at the customers. The group’s annual turnover is SEK 316 million and the number of employees is 250 (including subsidiaries). INNVENTIA is located in Stockholm, Trondheim, Norway, through its subsidiary company PFI AS, Lignoboost Demo AB and INNVENTIA UK Ltd. INNVENTIA has worldwide expertise in pilot plants: • FEX: a unique pilot papermaking facility. INNVENTIA’s papermaking pilot plant, FEX, is used by the pulp and paper industry, often in cooperation with suppliers to the industry, to test different modes of operation, raw materials and process equipment. FEX customers have verified that the results from test runs on the FEX paper machine also are valid for a full-size paper machine • Packaging pilot plant. INNVENTIA has also a packaging pilot plant, built for experimentation on new packaging solutions. It gives a wide range of tools to test lab results on a larger scale

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Innventia ab
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