Technological Educational Institute Of Larissa

TEILAR is the third largest Technological Educational Institution in Greece and comprises four Schools, two Branches, and eighteen Academic Departments altogether. Its strategic goal is to continuously improve the quality of the courses and the educational services offered as well as to promote knowledge through a variety of research programmes. The Laboratory of Wood and Fibre Science (LWFS) belongs to the Department of Forestry and Management of Natural Environment and is fully equipped with modern facilities. It has a history of more than 20 years with teaching and research activities in the fields of Fibre furnish analysis in pulp-paper-board, Physical-chemicalmechanical properties of paper-board-boxes, Anatomical-physical-chemical-mechanical properties of wood, Wood and fibre quality, and Paper and wood recovery. The LWFS has significant experience in measuring of fibre properties and fibre composition of paper and paper products based on microscopy.

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Technological Educational Institute Of Larissa
Ktiria Tei 411 10 LARISSA Greece
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